2019 Human Performance, Root Cause, & Trending (HPRCT) Conference
June 17-21, 2019
Cheyenne Mountain Resort
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Montebello, Va
C. Robert Nelms is a degreed Aerospace Engineer, having graduated from Texas A&M University in 1970. He worked at McDonnell Douglas until 1973, then became employed at Allied Chemical’s Nylon plant in Chesterfield, Virginia --an internationally recognized leader in Manufacturing Reliability at the time. Nelms eventually became part of Allied’s Corporate Reliability Center, where he concentrated his attention on root cause failure analysis until the Center was disbanded in 1986 -- whence he formed Failsafe Network, Inc. His professional work initially focused on the physical causes of machinery failure. He also became involved in probabilistic reliability studies, including Weibull and other statistical analysis methods. But his passion emerged when it became obvious to him that human beings cause all “failure.” He formed Failsafe Network, Inc in 1985 to pursue this passion independent from other people’s direct influence. In this respect, Nelms has intentionally avoided almost all the newest thought on related topics and has instead tried his best to allow the “things that go wrong” in his life lead him to his own conclusions. Nelms is the author of 2 books, an internationally-travelled seminar provider, a public speaker, and on the Board of the HPRCT, in which he has been attending conferences since the year 2000.